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Urban Apartment Survival Kit

Being prepared is the best way to remain safe in an urban environment. Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit will give you the tools and information to remain safe in your apartment and minimize becoming a victim. The key to protecting yourself is look at the risk and develop a plan of action. If you wait until you’re attacked …the thug got a knife to your throat…it’s going to be too late. FBI statistics show that 98% of residential break-ins occur during the day. If someone comes to your apartment door at night, don’t open it but speak through it. People can easily stop someone from kicking in their door for about 50 cents by replacing the short screws in the strike plate in the door frame with two 4 inch screws. Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit was created to keep the law abiding citizen safe. Our goal is not to scare and alarm people but to keep them from becoming victims.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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