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Urban College Survival Kit for Women

Most college students don’t even anticipate having a need for non-lethal self defense products like the Extreme College Survival Kit. They may believe if they own a canister of OC pepper spray, they are accepting the reality that someday the unthinkable will happen to them. Other naive students don’t even think about self defense ever, feel it will never be needed. This attitude is dangerous and difficult to understand.

We live in a dangerous world with rapes, robberies, sexual assaults, home intrusions, etc. If you are ever attacked, it is unlikely that anyone will come to your aid quick enough, if at all. The sad reality is that it will be up to YOU to fight off an attacker anyway you can. In my own urban community of St.Louis, MO. There have been brutal rapes, violent assaults and robberies on both Washington University and SLU campuses in the past month. Both wustl and slu students need to realize that criminals are more and more desperate and view university students as easy prey to target. Defending yourself against a thug who means you serious harm is something you better prepare for if you don’t want to be victimized.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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