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Urban Knockout Game Self Defense

When headlines broke of the loss of life of a 72 year old male in St. Louis as a result of falling victim to a urban knockout game, I was horrified along with the rest of America.  It hit home hard because my mother and father, both in their sixties, live on their own.  Nobody’s son or daughter could desire that a parent go through this ruthless way of evildoing in which the perpetrator needs no provocation to thrash the target.  Thus, I lost no time searching for reliable urban knockout game self-defense.

Although I clearly lead a significant different life than mom and dad, I knew that I could depend on pepper spray to suit all three of us.  I was not looking for just any type, though, given that we were not preparing towards just any thug.  We are dealing with hoodlums that are not out to mug or even rob anyone.  They pick random targets on the street and beat these targets up for almost no reason.

For virtually any airtight urban knockout game self defense, Wildfire Pepper Spray will protect you against an attacker. It’s 18% intense concentration spray also comes in a gel which is even more effective. Besides creating an extreme burning pain in the skin, it makes the eyes slam shut and restricts breathing. These effects take place unbelievably fast and stop a group of attacker in their tracks.

I looked to a Wildfire pepper spray to offer urban knockout game self defense because it is an especially hot pepper spray combined with identifying UV dye.  The 4 oz cylinder can fire out some 20 quick bursts for a good 15 to 18 feet.  My parents were certain to feel relief upon learning that all it takes to use their defense spray is to aim and fire like they would any kind of spray can.  Plus the amount of OC pepper spray per can should be enough to deter multiple attackers. But the idea to secure fool proof urban knockout game self defense is not to work like the sadistic executioner.  It’s reassuring thou, that all Wildfire self defense sprays in stream, fogger and gel are non-lethal weapons and don’t take lives.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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