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Urban Students Cell Phone Stun Gun

Urban Safety Solutions introduces a unique concept on one of it’s stun gun products. The Stun Master 4.5 Million Volt Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun appears to be an ordinary cell phone to any attacker so you can turn the table with your own surprise attack of 4.5 Million Volts of whup ass!
The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun has already been tested on the urban mean streets of St. Louis, MO. Dana Stewart is a college student at a nearby university. As she was returning to her car one night she passed a man crossing the parking lot, he doubled back and confronted her at knife point attempting to force her into the car. ” I already had the Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun in my hand , just waiting for the right opportunity. It was obvious he thought it was an ordinary cell phone,” Dana explains. She completely surprised the attacker and zapped him in the rib cage while still outside the car. ” He immediately released me and dropped to the pavement as I entered my car and escaped.” The street thug had no time to react because he mistakenly assumed the harmless cell phone wasn’t a threat. Dana feels that receiving The Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun as a gift from her parents, saved her life.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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