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Urban Survival Tip for Kids Off to College

Kids off to college should keep in mind a very simple but important urban survival tip. These are dangerous times and need to be especially aware if attending urban college or university. Kids off to college should prepare for many challenging  situations that’ll you’ll encounter while on your commute to class and just walking around urban neighborhoods that surround your college campus.  You must become aware that every two minutes someone is terribly sexually assaulted; a burglary occurs almost every 10 seconds and a violent crime happens almost every 20 seconds.  And, you could be very well become the next victim if you are not prepared for real life disasters.

But with the urban survival tip that shall be given to you now, kids off to college can rest assured they’ll be safe by following perfectly these tips. Here is the first urban survival tip and it is you must have a determined and committed heart and mind. You must not first of all falter, when such situation arises. Kids off to college must take time everyday to practice and be prepared with self-defense skills and purchase non-lethal personal security products like defensive pepper sprays.  So, start taking simple martial arts lessons.  Be a strong survivalist and do not succumb to fear but take courage in your strength and ability to overcome such situations.

You might as well consider taking one of these legal weapons like glass bottle, broom handle, small stick, and walking cane.  And, start helping your family to lean these tricks and tips to protect and to live.  Keep yourself fit and strong by doing exercises and be street smart!  Always, keep your eyes and ears open to suspect any danger lurking around you or your friends.  And, avoid resorting to any kind of crime; always thing before you start reacting.  We live in perilous times and it is vital for you and your family to stay safe.  There are many kinds of unknown dangers that could captivate your entire urban environment with nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Here is another urban survival tip for kids off to college or any survivalist. For nuclear disasters build a safe and simple shelter in your home basement.  For biological and chemical disasters, prepare by stocking up duck tape, plastic and important chemical filters.  For all kind of burglary or home invasions, ensure that you carefully board up good windows and see to it that there is sufficient opening for perfect viewing and then firing your weapon.  Immediately take better classes in shooting skills and fire arm safety Kids off to college should always try anticipating a situation and act according to the situation.  Being a survivalist just doesn’t mean protecting only yourself but try becoming a pillar to rely on by taking part in organizations like Red Cross, Salvation Army, National Guard and many more such communities who require help.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!




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