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Urban Teens Violent Knock Out Game

Urban teens violent knock out game targets innocent victims  that are elderly, alone or defenseless. The  St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says that these urban teens violent knock out game motives are to viciously and brutally attack innocent bystanders and residents of the South City neighborhood.

This senseless knock out game has been known to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for awhile but completely new to most in the St. Louis community. These urban teens violent knock out game has taken the life of a totally innocent elderly man and forever changed the lives of a peaceful loving family just happy to be living in the United States of America.

Sometimes I forget why I got into the business of self defense and non-lethal personal protection. I’m in this business because I strongly believe that people have the right to protect themselves and the ones they love.

Your life is precious and deserves defending. No one has the right to hurt you, but you have the right to defend yourself  and the ones you love. Be prepared to defend yourself from crimes such as urban teens violent knock out game.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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