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Usage Of Surveillance Camera To Be Able To Find Out The Degree Of Reliability Of Your Housekeeper

Boom Box Hidden Camera with DVR

When you entrust others in your home to assist with housekeeping duties and sometimes be a caregiver, it’s important to be able to monitor what’s going on when your not there.

The housekeeper we hired was nice and also hardworkng. So it came as a shock as soon as my roommate informed me that the sapphire earrings her man got her for her birthday were nowhere to be found.

We did not wish to confront her right away. My roommate asked her law enforcement officer friend to provide us some suggestions instead on how to spy on someone and if a monitoring camera could do the trick.

A security camera helps you monitor people in the home or the office even when you aren’t near. This kind of camera may also appear like a common object in order that it can take videos discreetly.

Immediately after searching on the internet for a few disguised cameras my pal and I came upon a boombox hidden camera with DVR. It functioned completely being a boombox however doubly served as a spy camera. Since it possessed a built-in DVR simply no installation is going to be needed for it to capture videos.

We also spotted a desk lamp hidden camera with dvr that worked as both a spy camera as well as a lamp. Its cord provides energy to the desk lamp its hidden camera and its built-in DVR.

In the end we chose to obtain a wall clock hidden camera with DVR. Furthermore this clock was operational and its built-in DVR would allow us to check the video recordings easily by either placing the mempry card into a card reader or computer or inserting the camera using its RCA cable to a screen or television.

We put the wall clock just above our television where it had a great view of the whole space. It was after 2 months since we obtained the nanny cam when our cleaning woman was captured on video taking several of my recently bought scarves that I had left on the couch.

It was an unpleasant confrontation especially after the housekeeper discovered that we had asked a cop friend tips on how to spy on someone using a surveillance camera. My roommate and I fired her after asking her to return our stuff.

The best spy cam to buy features a motion sensor with built-in dvr.

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