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Utilizing Your Vehicle To Record Things That Takes Place Near You

Rearview Mirror Camera with Built-in DVR & Audio

I previously felt that surveillance devices were confined to immovable places such as office buildings and homes. I have come to realize that there is a hidden camera car users like me can use to constantly get us safe anywhere we go.

It did not come as a surprise that the perfect design to hide a spy camera would be behind the rearview mirror. Because it looks like an ordinary accessory within the motor vehicle not even my very own passengers will suspect that I have a security camera along with me.

Very few surveillance cameras provide the benefit of discreet monitoring. Covert cameras are great at that simply because they appear as items that you will normally see every single day.

Yeah I will definitely look cool. But I am more after my safety and also the secret stays with me. No one must know that I have a rear view mirror camera with front and rear color cameras built-in DVR and audio within my car.

The disguised camera has elevated my rearview mirror to a completely new purpose. This time I could provide evidence on an erring police officer that cites me for some traffic violation I didnt do. This nanny cam is also helpful for recording road accidents.

I can offer more than just video footage. Any kind of conversation that takes place within and just outside my car window can also be recorded. I put the external camera that came with the package on the rear dash of my automobile to also get a view of what happens behind.

Its 3.6-inch TFT LCD allows me to play videos back right away and see it live at around 30 FPS. A touch of a button enables me to switch between viewing the different views of the two cameras.

With around three hours of battery life it can record a lot in its 8GB SD card. I simply recharge the battery via my cars auxiliary cigarette lighter and the recording continues. These features are simply what should be in a hidden camera car drivers should look for.

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