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Vehicle Emergency Kits – Everything You Need!

The following experience was reluctantly shared but demonstrates how this kit saves lives…

The sight of an auto slammed into a tree made me hit the brakes and interrupt a nighttime drive to the next town, where a friend was waiting to see me.  The first thing I reached for were vehicle emergency kits.

Having retrieved an emergency safety light and a travel safety alarm from the glove compartment, I moved to the back where a 4 in 1 emergency auto tool and a 9 LED flashlight were.  I set some lights to flash for help next.

As I approached the vehicle, I could see a woman through the window.  She was wounded on the head, conscious but could not get out of the car.  I realized she was stuck between the steering wheel and driver’s seat.

I pulled out the emergency auto tool from my vehicle emergency kits and used it, as intended, to break the window behind where the woman was.  Through the window, I reached in to unlock the front door.

I soon discovered that the steering wheel would not budge, nor would the care seat.  I needed a hand.  I figured I could push her out while someone else pulled her out.  I looked around; there were no signs of other motorists approaching.

I foraged for more aids in my vehicle emergency kits, all the while thinking of what else to do until I spotted my travel safety alarm.  Counting on the ringing to be heard for as far as 9 feet, I turned it on.

To my surprise, a pair of patrol officers arrived in their police car not several minutes later.  They did not miss the flashing lights, they explained, and moved double time upon detecting the alarm sound.

The cops called the hospital for any assistance they could get and then drove away with the woman.  I was left feeling valorous, and the vehicle emergency kits, my hero’s gear.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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