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What Is A Spy Cam Detector

Lens Finder Bug Detector

What is a spy cam detector and why do I need one people often ask me.

Have you ever wondered whether you are being watched, listened to or spied upon in any way? Many people feel that way as soon as they enter a public shower or nudist beach. If you don’t feel comfortable undressing in public areas where you believe someone may have put a spy camera, the here’s something for you.

Hidden camera detector is the perfect solution in such case. The real beauty of this device is that it has the ability to detect all sorts of spy cameras, wired or wireless. Moreover, there are a few detectors that have the capability of detecting spy cameras, even when the cameras are switched off! You just press a button and all your anxieties will be gone in a few seconds.

Well, I think at first you should consider the places where concealed cameras might be placed and then learn how to use detector efficiently.

Everything in this world has both sides, good and bad. There are some ill-mannered psychos who surely love to do evil deeds. Filming others’ private moments is one of them. In general, women are common victims of this as pornography is flourishing this decade. With the held of hidden camera detector though, you can easily flunk every attempt by those perverts!

Now, the question is where should you first check for hidden cams. Well, you can figure this out if you do a little brainstorming by yourself. Common sense goes a long way. You should check those places where you don’t expect to be seen by others. Need to exemplify? Places like bedrooms, bathrooms, and store dressing rooms are a good start. As the spy cameras are readily available in various sizes on the market, it’s really tough to discover them with naked eyes. But if you purchase a device like hidden camera detector, it all becomes a breeze. Think of it as if you bought a weapon to protect your privacy.

Today, there are lots of hidden camera detectors available in various models along with exclusive functionality. But they have the same basic detection process. In general, most of these devices use optical augmentation for this. It’s a kind of phenomenon by which the light reflected from any optical system is reflected along the same path. Thus, a camera detector can easily figure out the position of any hidden camera. Moreover, there is a ring of ultra-bright LEDs named as viewing port to take full advantage of this. When you scan a room, hidden cams will be caught in the ring by the bright reflection of the light.

You just need to press a button to trigger the LEDs to scan an area. While scanning in a suspected area, you have to be a bit slow for better results. If you encounter a reflection and find it stale with respect to your movement, then it’s a bingo. it’s the thing that you’re looking for. If the reflection moves with you however, then there’s nothing around.

Women are carrying the lens finder bug detector in their pocket or handbag to ensure personal privacy while in public.

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