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What Parents Need to Know About College Crime

College crime against students is a very real issue in today’s dangerous world. Crime in this nation is increasing dramatically and getting worse. Parents need to understand that college campuses aren’t isolated from crime. Rape is the most common crime on college campuses and college students especially women ¬†are stalked more than any group of people. Assault is another very real problem as well, particularly for female college students.

Campus officials are reluctant to share the truth about crime on campus because it’s not good for business. Parents visiting for orientation or walking along during the campus tour with their child better find out the facts about crime on campus. Legislative changes are compelling colleges to accurately report crime statistics. Here are a few sobering facts:

Rape is the most common violent crime committed on college campus.

The National College Women Sexual Victimization Survey found 20 to 25% of college women are victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault during their college years.

Women ages 16 to 24 experience rape at rates four times higher than the assault rape for all women making the college and high school years the most vulnerable.

9 in 10 college women who are victims of rape know their attacker.

Nearly 70% of female victims of attempted rape and 55% of female victims of rape reported using physical force against their attacker to protect themselves.

34% of rapes and 45% of attempted rapes of college women take place on campus.

Almost 60% of the rapes that take place on campus occur in the victim’s residence.

These realities are the reason The Extreme College Survival Kit was put together. Designed with the personal safety and protection of the college student in mind. Especially, female students living off-campus or attending urban universities. This kit is the perfect gift or care package for living safely in these dangerous times and will give parents peace of mind that their daughter is not defenseless while away at college.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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