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Where Can I Buy Door Wedge Alarm Kit?

Where Can I Buy Door Wedge Alarm Kit? features an effective and affordable self defense kit on it’s website.

Many door security alarms in the market today only notify you after an intrusion, which is not safe enough for many as the alert at times comes in when it is too late, and the damage has already been done. Fortunately, there are some modern and robust Door Wedge Alarm kits that not only activate an alarm but also prevent intruders from entering your house in the first place.

If a burglar attempts to go into the house, the door wedge alarm kit sounds and wedges under the door. So whether it is your wife, mom, daughter, or girlfriend, you can be sure they are safe from the rising cases of sexual assault or rape in St. Louis, Mo, and other surrounding areas with this kit.

The tool’s non-skid pad and wedge design hold the door tighter the more it is pushed. Similarly, the alarm will not stop until the pressure on top of the metal plate is released, or the alarm switch is flipped to the off position. Still not convinced?

Here are more benefits of installing a door wedge alarm kit.

Restricted access

When you install this quality Door Wedge Alarm Kit, in combination with a home security camera system, it is possible to monitor who comes to your doorstep from your phone and control access.

Essentially, you can know who is at the door without necessarily being there. There is also a motion sensor that will activate the alarm if anyone tries to tamper with it.

Protect your family and assets

Protecting valuables as well as loved ones is what most people think about when they invest in a door wedge alarm kit. In most cases, homeowners tend to lose valuables like jewelry, electronics, and money due to home invasions. And this is even more tragic if the invaders injure or assault you or a loved one at home.

The system will scare off burglars and alert you or even the local authorities if somebody is trying to intrude. Crime Is Real,

Don’t Be a Victim!

Remotely monitor your home.

An alarm system that can be synced to your phone can allow you to monitor your home and notify you in case of a break-in, fire break or gas leak in the house.

Gives a sense of security

When you have a reliable and good quality door stop alarm, you will have peace of mind and go about your business worry-free. This is the best advantage of this kit. The sense of security and confidence you get knowing that all your valuables are under, lock, key, and the alarm will help you concentrate on other essential things that make you more productive. And this feeling is even more compounded if you know your loved ones are safe from any crime.

Why Buy From Urban Safety Solutions?

Security systems and gadgets are not just about the tools. They are also about a professional, committed company ready to listen and respond to any safety concerns. Of course, when looking for where to purchase a Door Wedge Alarm Kit, it can be tempting to only look at the tool’s features.

However, in reality, the features won’t be useful if there isn’t a great customer service team that is willing to support you and stand behind every product 100 percent. The company should use every method possible to make its products reliable. Online support, as well as friendly staff, should be a priority for any company. And all this is what Urban Safety Solutions offers you when you buy with us!

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Effective =Simple =Reliable = Peace of Mind

Our Door Wedge Alarm Kit will scare intruders and alert those in the house. Adequate door security for your peace of mind while traveling. No more sleepless nights worrying about somebody sneaking into your house. Also, no more worrying about somebody intruding into your room while you are alone in that hotel room, BB, or student dig. It is also easy to install. Just set it, switch it on, and you will be good to go!

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