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Where Can I Buy Internet Protection Software for My Child?

It’s obvious, there are many advantages of using the internet.  Without even leaving your home, you can visit different areas of the world.  Useful knowledge is a few keystrokes away. But one thing I neglected is having an internet protection software for my child.

Our daughter has been using the internet for her school work since the day she learned to type on our PC.  She is very comfortable with internet now that she is 10 years old. If she’s curious about something, she knows to search Goggle for the answer.

And that is our concern. She has all those knowledge within reach but we are worried about whether that knowledge is all right.  We have to be sure that the knowledge she is getting is not harmful to her.

Thinking over this situation, I did not realize that I was being pointed toward considering internet protection software for my child.  We were anxious about the things that she inadvertently could be giving to total strangers and child predators on the internet.

I was glad to have come across this internet protection software for my child which is called the IntelliSpy Computer Activity Tracking software.  We were more than willing to buy one.

It gave me the opportunity to trace all the activities in which my son engages on the computer.  The IntelliSpy Activity Tracking Software enabled me to see what my son typed on the keyboard, in emails, instant messages and the social networking sites.

The software gave me the capacity to look at the snapshots of the screen for every minute of use.  Blocking web sites which are not advisable for him is what I think is important.

Another feature of the IntelliSpy Computer Activity Tracking Software is if my child closes the program or shuts down the computer, the program will restart.  This is really the best internet protection software for my child that I have found. Like many parents, I’m grateful for discovering the value of installing internet protection software for my child, and the peace of mind having it brought to our family.

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