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Where Can I buy Self Defense Products for Women Online

I appreciate feedback about our self defense products and encourage customers to share their own stories and experiences…

The relationship I have with my daughter is that of a best buddy and confidante.  This means the world to me after I feared that our 17-year age gap formed the weakest backbone to raise Emma.

She is 17 now and I am increasingly fretting about the prospect of her repeating my mistake.  When I overheard her whisper over the phone, “Where can I buy self defense products for women online?” it made my blood run cold.

We have discussed personal security devices before, when she first inquired about my cell phone stun gun.  I took advantage of  the opportunity to acquaint her as well with the Taser and pepper spray, even buying her a bicycle safety light afterwards.

How come I was not at the receiving end of a query like, “Where can I buy self defense products for women online?: when I had been named to her best of buddies? I let it slip although I was bothered.

My turn came the following week as she cut in on dinner and burst out: where can I buy self defense products for women online?  I gave her room to enlighten me, reacting as though the line was unexpected.

A boyfriend browbeating her into relinquishing her virginity had been the motivation, Emma confessed.  She was just about countering with a personal safety alarm after he insinuated spreading rumors of her being a rape victim otherwise.

She confided, as she held her crying back, that she had contacted my brother.  “I needed help in ending the relationship like civilized people and where can I buy self defense products for women online.”

At 17, I floundered badly and here was my daughter being wise beyond her years.  It was heartwarming, I called upon my referenced parmedic brother and we put together a women’s safety kit, getting Emma involved.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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