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Why College Students Carry Pepper Gel: Urban Safety Solutions Mace Pepper Gel

Mace pepper gel is less contaminating and sprays much further than regular defensive sprays on the market today. The patented Mace Pepper Gel formula causes a more intense and immediate burning to the eyes of the attacker when sprayed in the face. The greater range puts more distance between you and the attacker. Also, the Mace pepper gel formula is less effected by wind conditions that must be considered when using defensive sprays. Mace Pepper Gel sticks to the face of an attacker like glue and gel contains a UV Dye to assist with the identification of suspect. Mace Pepper Gel is easy to use and works within seconds of being sprayed in the face of the attacker. Instantly, Mace pepper gel causes an intense burning sensation due to Oleo Resin Capsicum (OC) in the gel made from hot,hot,hot pepper extract. Mace pepper gel causes the eyes to slam shut immediately making it almost impossible for the attacker to open his eyes. Also inflammation of the respiratory system will make breathing of any one sprayed with Mace pepper gel very difficult. The effects of an attacker sprayed with the non-lethal pepper gel is not permanent and will last approximately 45 minutes. Allowing the intended victim to escape to safety and notify law enforcement.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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