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Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Spray Will Stop An Attacker

Being aware of her surroundings prevented this woman from being victimized by an attacker…

My roommate was having a great time running in Forest Park located in St. Louis.  As she was running, two men seemed to get closer and closer to her.  As she continued running, the men got a little more aggressive and this started to annoy her.  She was holding a Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Spray and they did not know it.  One of them was no longer able to control himself and tried to grab her hand.  Instantly she aimed her Wildfire Pepper Spray and sprayed it into his eyes.  He cried in pain instantly, with his eyes shut, and his partner caught by surprise.  Other runners nearby apprehended the two and turned them over to the police.  She was saved by using her Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Spray for self defense.

When she recounted this story to me, I immediately became interested and desired more information about this Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Spray.  She always carries Wildfire Key Chain Pepper Spray when she runs in public places.  It has proven itself many times as an effective weapon that she uses to protect herself.  This self defense device is designed precisely for use by those who want to protect themselves from creeps.

This device is good for all women to carry, especially those who go walking and jogging regularly.  My roommate has proven Wildfire Pepper Spray to be very helpful many times, and it would do the same for anyone facing dangerous situations.  My roommate has proven Wildfire Pepper Spray to be extremely effective in the public parks of the most dangerous city in America.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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