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Will My Child Be Safe at College?

If your son or daughter is going away to college this fall, then you probably are already planning on what you need to send with them.  You have the college dorm checklist bring important things that are going to fit into the college sized dorm room.  Here are some of the basics to keep in mind when it comes time to move your teen off to college.  The first things you need to consider for your college kid is the size of their dorm room and what things their school does allow and doesn’t allow in their rooms.

Some schools will allow hot plates, microwaves, and toaster ovens, while others won’t allow these items in the rooms. The first place to begin is by starting with things that your son or daughter already has.  Often times, they will have favorite bedding, carpets, decorations, and other little things that they really enjoy at home.  Starting out with familiar sheets will give your college kid a sense of home comfort that new sheets will not.  Save the new sheets for when your college kid gets adjusted.  Once you have established what you have for your college kid’s room, it is time to start looking at things that you need to purchase.

A microwave, mini-fridge, and a laptop are all great things to make sure your college kids has.  Inside of their room you should add bedding, carpets, drapes, and posters that they really enjoy.  One often forgot item that is really important as well is to make sure that your college kid has a selection of towels and other bathroom items at their disposal.  A laundry bag or hamper is a wonderful thing to add to the college dorm checklist bring items.  It will make your teen’s life easier when they have a place for dirty laundry.  On your kid’s college desk, there should be a bright light or full spectrum light that they can work by, there should be an assortment of unique writing utensils, papers, and a printer for last minute printing needs on their way to school.

When it comes to personal items, your teen should have a toiletry bag that can carry all their items.  They should also have their own stock of toilet paper and tissues as well.  For their personal items, they should have shower shoes, shampoo, soap or body wash, brushes for hair, body, and teeth, tooth paste and their other bathroom essentials that all fit easily into a toiletry bag they can carry with them back and forth between the bathroom and their room.  The key with planning for your kid’s college dorm room is keeping everything portable and organized.  It is better that they come equipped with simple items that are easy to carry and easy to replace until they have adjusted to dorm life.  The college dorm checklist bring list should be simple and complete.

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