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St. Louis, MO women don’t be this victim: A woman shopping alone leaves a shopping mall via the elevator to the poorly lit parking garage. She’s running a few errands after work and she already has experienced a stressful day. As she walks to her SUV in the parking garage, she’s thinking about what to cook for dinner for her family. Suddenly, she realizes that it’s the wrong floor but remembers her SUV is at the end of the ramp on the next level. It’s the farthest from the elevators but first open stall she found in the parking garage. Having arrived to her parked SUV, she digs in her purse for keys and opens the rear driver side door to load packages she just purchased.
As she does, an attacker grabs her from behind and has her in a choke hold…she’ll be another sexual assault victim because she never made her personal safety a priority and carry at least a key chain Wildfire pepper spray for non-lethal self defense against an attacker.

Attacks on women in public parking garages and lots are on the rise in Saint Louis, MO and across the nation. But here’s how you can reduce the chances of being victimized…

Be aware of your surroundings and whenever possible, park as close as you can to the elevators or main entrance to the mall. Already have keys in hand and Taser C2 Pink with Laser Sight where you can quickly get it from purse.

As your walking to your car, be especially aware of the people around you and places a rapist might launch a surprise attack. Also, if a shady looking person walks by you…trust your instincts! Never turn your back to a potential threat or assailant. They’ll often double back and attack you violently and fast.

If you are ever physically assaulted with no personal protection available, and the attacker clearly wants the car, give it to him and run in the opposite direction. However, if the thug plans on hurting or abducting you, fight for your life. Absolutely under no circumstances do you get into any vehicle with him, his or yours.

Again, if ┬áit appears that an attacker plans to rape or abduct you… FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! ┬áNEVER, NEVER, NEVER get into any car with him!

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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