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Your Female College Student Safety Kit Will Protect You

You may have heard of them:  The Extreme College Survival Kit.  If your college student or perhaps you’re a parent of a college student who is concerned about their safety, you should invest in a female college student safety kit for your daughter.  Often the reality is that a student needs to be safe at all times to encounter any situations because the college life can be very unpredictable especially in this day and age.

For instance, if your daughter needs an emergency sound device in the event of a burglary or somebody is trying to attack her, one of the items that are included in many of these kits is a pocket whistle.  These pocket whistles can get up to high decibel ranges so that they can be heard at a great distance so that somebody can come to their rescue and protect them.  You might already begin to realize why it’s important to have a female college student safety kit.

Another product that is included in many of these female college student safety kits are an alarm doorstop which uses the same concept as the whistle does.  These doorstops also have a high range decibel output from quite a distance if someone is to try to break in the dorm room.   This doorstop alarm will go off and will send an message alert to those who can hear it so that your daughter will be safely in her dorm.  There are also infrared alarms that are completely wireless and can be moved from any position in the dorm room. Theses particular alarms sense any motion that is detected and will hence, trigger the alarm for any undesired movement that should not be the dorm room.

Another product that’s included in a female college student safety kit are books that resemble the real thing but are actually safes.  You can store any precious materials in these safes that mimic the exact look of a study book.  You can deceive any body who doesn’t suspect that book to be a safe.  Also included in this kit is a nap alarm.  Just put it on your ear before driving to prevent falling asleep at the wheel.   When your falling asleep at the wheel, it’s not uncommon that your head nods forward.  And that triggers  the alarm alerting you and other passengers that your head  is nodding.

There are many useful safety products included in the female college student safety kit.

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