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How to Use a Stun Gun for Self Defense Effortlessly

Introduction: Many people place a high priority on self-defense, and stun guns have gained popularity as a means of personal defense. These tools are made to shock an attacker with electricity, rendering them temporarily unconscious and enabling you to flee a hazardous situation. To ensure your safety, it’s crucial to understand how to use a […]

Alternatives to Violence for Civilians: A Complete Guide to Personal Safety

Alternatives to Violence for Civilians: A Complete Guide to Personal Safety Personal safety is a top concern for many people in the modern world. It is crucial to be ready and have the appropriate self-defense tools available given the rise in crimes and hazardous situations. This in-depth guide will examine all of the less lethal […]

3 Personal Security Devices to Protect Daughter at College | Urban Safety Solutions

3 Personal Security Devices to Protect Daughter at College | Urban Safety Solutions Burglary, robbery, sexual assault, and aggravated assault are the most common crimes on college campuses. The statistics are alarming: 1 in 4 college women will be sexually assaulted before they graduate, and 1 in 5 will be sexually assaulted while off-campus. We’ve […]

Affordable Body Worn Hidden Cameras

Affordable Body Worn Hidden Cameras | Urban Safety Solutions   At, we offer a wide selection of cameras and body cameras that are available with a lifetime guarantee and free shipping. We are the minority owned business leader in offering affordable prices for our products, and this feature makes us the go-to people when […]

Granny Cam DVR

  Children are often concerned about the well being of their aged parents, as they have to work in a place far away due to professional reasons. The aged parents may fall sick anytime or need help, and if their children reside far away it is difficult to get any kind of assistance. Often children […]

Help With Gathering Evidence Of Offenses By Apartment Tenants

My wifeless uncle owns a two-story apartment building which gets an unceasing supply of tenants coming from the university close by. Not like the mostly well-behaved graduate students the undergraduates certainly are a thorn in his side. That goes for the boys and the ladies. I empathize simply because I lived here once at no […]

Best Method Of Performing Movie-Style Spying In Real Life

I thought that spy watches were simply for the movies. There was a time when I dreamed of owning one when I was a kid. When I saw a spy movie recently this desire appeared again. So I decided to get myself one. What I acquired was the real deal no pun meant. Even though […]

Ideas On How To Keep A Close Watch On The Nanny

Being employed as a nurse in New York requires me to have 16-hour shifts regularly which is the reason why I employed a nanny for my child. Considering that this was my first time to get a sitter I purchased a high definition hidden camera to keep a close watch on her while shes at […]

Recommendations On How To Successfully Capture A Thief

After finishing high school I went to Japan to be able to study the Japanese language. This trip was to be 2 years long. So I arranged for lodging in a guesthouse that offered every tenant a room but living facilities like the kitchen would be shared. Throughout my stay there several of my personal […]

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